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Kelly has always been a dancer and performer at heart. She fell in love with DJing in college, finding it to be the perfect mixture of performing and bringing out the dancer in others. Now, Kelly loves going beyond the DJ decks to provide couples on their wedding day not only with perfect music, but also with quality sound and lighting to create an atmosphere guests will not forget. Kelly works with Greg, her husband, on bringing to life the vision of their clients.

Greg received his Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2008, and since then has DJ'd weddings and events, performed in bands, and worked the lighting and sound boards for multiple bands and venues. His love of music and knowledge of audio and lighting equipment will be sure to make your event one of a kind.



At Special Days Entertainment, we place a high value on quality, and for this reason we only use high-end, professional equipment for everything we do. The difference between mid-level and professional sound and lighting is night and day. With inexpensive, middle of the road equipment that many low-priced DJ's offer, the bass doesn't hit as hard, the vocals and high frequencies start to crackle, and the lights can only respond to a single automated setting. With Special Days entertainment you will have a great sounding room with personalized, human-controlled lighting that matches the mood you are trying to create. Additionally, we are licensed, insured, and prepared with back-up equipment so that our clients can party on worry-free.

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