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We're here to make your special days perfect by providing quality event entertainment

      No two events are the same.  We want you to remember your special days.  At Special Days Entertainment we place high value on quality, and for this reason use high-end professional equipment for everything we do.  Our team takes the time to understand your musical taste, help you create your perfect playlist and schedule, and personalize the lighting to match the mood to make your day a true celebration.  


Special Days Entertainment provides high-end Lighting, DJing Sound and PhotoBooth to the Northwest Arkansas, Little Rock, Springfield, Branson, and Eureka Springs areas. We are fun, professional, and always have backup equipment so that you can party on worry free!

                                                       WHY QUALITY MATTERS

At Special Days Entertainment, we place a high value on quality, and for this reason we only use high-end, professional equipment for everything we do. The difference between mid-level and professional sound and lighting is night and day. With inexpensive, middle of the road equipment that many low-priced DJ's offer, the bass doesn't hit as hard, the vocals and high frequencies start to crackle, and the lights can only respond to a single automated setting. With Special Days Entertainment you will have a great sounding room with personalized, human-controlled lighting that matches the mood you are trying to create. Additionally, we are always prepared with back-up equipment so that our clients can party on worry-free.


 $699 Monday-Thursday

 $749 Friday&Sunday

 $799 Saturday       




 $899 Monday-Thursday


 $949 Friday&Sunday


 $999  Saturday




$599 for 3 hours



We enjoy spinning all styles and genres! We love seeing our clients happy and the dance floors packed. To get a quick taste, check out our Soundcloud to hear a few samples of mixes from previous events.

"More than I could have imagined"

Simply put, Greg and Kelly are amazing and if you're reading this you've found your wedding DJs so you can stop looking. I just came back from what was easily the greatest day of my life to date, and it was in no small part because these two put so much, focus, effort, and positive energy into making my wedding special and personalized with all of my requests and ideas. They worked to really bring my wedding day vision to life as well as brought a very professional eye to make my venue look the best in all of my photos with strategically placed lights. My photos look incredible and I have nothing but good things to say about how they handled our evening entertainment. Thank you Kelly and Greg for helping to make my wedding truly perfect.

Jennifer M.

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